Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Statistical Significance

I have repeat visitors! Or so my new counter tells me. I don't know exactly what y'all are doing here, but I should probably let you know, if you don't know me, that I am a dilettante, an amateur. I don't blog for fame or recognition, which is why you won't find me on anyone's blogroll. I have no qualifications to my name other than my BA, so I've no official claim to the title of "expert" in any particular field. I write because I enjoy teasing out political communication/propaganda issues for myself, and because I plan to go to grad school soon and I want to hone my reasoning skills a bit before I matriculate. But I reserve the right to flip-flop like a flounder on a hot skillet because no one pays me for my ideas and I don't much care if I contradict myself. The only consistent point of view you'll find on this blog is the (admittedly naive) faith that statistical methods usually generate much stronger evidence than ideology and pure assertion.

That said, I sometimes post here, and if you're interested in the recent debate over The Politics of Polarization, I put my final word down over there this past Sunday.

Hmm, what an odd post. More substance next time. And thanks for reading!