Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I'm heading out of town for Thanksgiving, so you might not see any posts until Saturday, when I return. You might though, since I guess there's a chance I might have net access at my aunt and uncle's place. But until I post again, I'll leave you with this piece about a leaked British memo detailing a supposed plot to bomb Al-Jazeera HQ--from the mouth of our very own POTUS. Now I hate Bush as much as the next seditious lieberal, but even I'm finding this one hard to swallow. We know he's got a rather, ahem, unorthodox sense of humor, so I'm inclined to believe that if he did mention attacking Al-Jazeera, he wasn't talking seriously. More "we begin bombing in five minutes" than "bring 'em on," so to speak.

Edit: Kevin Drum makes the same joke as me, about two hours later.