Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Irony Detector Just Overheated.

First, watch this:

Now, watch this:

The first video, found here, is a piece directed by Bucknell English/Film prof Eric Faden, cosponsored by the Media Education Foundation and the Stanford Center for Internet and Society's Fair Use Project. The second is a short student film co-directed by friends of a friend and released on Youtube over a year ago. Cory Doctorow is hailing Faden's piece as "the most amazing video mashup I've ever seen," but the similarities to the earlier film are too striking to ignore. Even the names are nearly identical—"A Fair(y) Use Tale" vs. "Fairy Use." Doctorow's post makes it sound like the Faden is of relatively recent vintage. I'll look into this further and post updates if I find any clarifying information.