Saturday, August 20, 2005

OMG Missing Nonwhite Woman on FoxNews!

Amazing--FoxNews puts the story of a missing black woman on the web equivalent of A1. I guess this can be considered progress of a sort, in that minority desaparecidas are starting to receive the same treatment as their white counterparts, but I still question the value of this entire genre of news. In the words of Gruff Rhys, "How will all this affect me now?"

Edit: Oh shit, CNN too. I can think of about a dozen better things to run front-and-center on slow news days: Darfur? Afghanistan? Maybe something on the gathering strength of alternative tax schemes, or the fact that Scotland Yard isn't revising their "shoot-to-kill" policy? But I guess my lofty expectations are misplaced. According to Thursday's post, I should focus my indignation on the fact that most Americans expect the news to entertain and titillate rather than educate, but now I'm starting to see Stewart's motivation--big media's such a prominent, inviting target . . . !