Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Only Post I'm Gonna Make About Katrina

And the orthopraxy goes on. Right and left continue their eternal dance of mutual disdain, pausing for an imperceptible moment to call for civility before stepping right back into the groove as usual. I'm guessing this guy's not too aware of the irony of what he's saying. It seems that when there's nothing really to say, when you've made your token donation and redirected your readers to every charity you can think of and still don't feel any better, falling back into partisan hackery must have a calming effect.

Is Bush at fault? Probably not. New Orleans probably would have been fucked no matter who was in the White House. If you have to point the finger at someone, blame Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. We're looking at the 3rd world in our own backyard, and there's really no other explanation than "sometimes bad things happen." There is no reason, and that's why everyone who tries to impute one to this tragedy ends up sounding ludicrous. How incredibly horrifying is it to see the the fragile societal supports undergirding our society suddenly ripped from under people just like us? Nothing compared to what it must actually be like for those people, I'd imagine.

Islamic and Christian extremists alike celebrate the destruction as a manifestation of God's righteous fury, while the rest of us desperately try against all hope to make sense of it all. But again, sense doesn't apply to situations like these. All we can do is accept, mourn, do what we can to help, and move on. It's what we always do in the end, but never without spewing a whole lot of pointless commentary first.

Oh, wait . . .

If there's anyone out there reading this that hasn't already, please donate to a Katrina charity if at all possible. I gave to the Mercy Corps, but there are lots of others out there. The refugees will appreciate it.